"back from a concert, sweaty and disgusting, severely dehydrated with my feet still pumping to imaginary beats": a gig review

So today I went to see The Offspring and 30 seconds to mars for no other reason than my friend having two free tickets; who in their right mind turns down free tickets!? I went with no expectations whatsoever because i’m not a very big fan of either bands, however, both were quite stunning.

Offspring were the first to play and there was this incredible vibe while they were on; they were your usual grown up punk kids, jamming out, goofing around, having a shit-ton of fun. They made the crowd go nuts, turned it into this vibrating mass of humans, jumping up and down, screaming their hearts out, clashing into each other, thrashing and tossing; it was absolutely incredible to witness and be a part of. They played for an hour and a half, during which time they managed to reduce a dude standing next to me to tears, the guy was fucking ecstatic, he was beaming; it makes you wonder if you’ll ever be as happy as he was at that exact moment, haha… and yeah, that was that, they did an amazing encore and were on their way.

30 seconds to mars came on about half an hour later and as soon as they were on stage people were screaming their fucking lungs out. Jared Leto came out looking like some kind of weird rock and roll Jesus, this messianic figure, praised by the crowd. The gig was quite good, what I found a bit annoying at times, however, was they constantly tried to engage the crowd in the most ridiculous manner: “i wanna see your hands in the aiiir”; “I want everyone to jump up and touch the skyy, blah blah”; and, I mean, I get the idea behind it, it’s actually quite lovely, “let’s be as one, we are one, our bodies will synchronize and writhe in the rhythm of the music, yada, yada” (a message you would expect from a rock&roll Jesus), but it was a bit overplayed. They literally didn’t go through a song without instigating some sort of mass outburst of adoration. It was a great set, though and what rectified all was that in the end of the show they got like, 50 kids up on the stage, which I thought was really lovely…

now i’m home in a bit of a strange mood, finally starting to feel all the bruises I got in the mosh pit (I think somebody elbowed me in the cheekbone) and just generally not knowing what to do with myself.
in the end, I decided to ramble (pretty much what I do best), so have that. 


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